The “g word”.

Like mentioned in my bio, four years ago I made the decision to leave Cambridge, Massachusetts for West Lafayette, Indiana. Some still say I’m crazy. Eight semesters later I always question how I possibly made the best decision of my life at just eighteen years old. But I did, and there’s been no looking back ever since. With a semester left of college I can’t help but think back to that day where I made the decision to go to school a thousand miles away from home. In a few short months I’m going to have to make another big decision in my life, maybe even bigger than the first.

How do people even decide what to do after graduation? Where to go? Truth be told I don’t even admit to saying the “g word” (graduation) out loud and it’s shocking I’m even mentioning it at all. But I’m going to have to admit to it sometime, probably won’t be till I’m walking across the stage the day of. All jokes aside, the inevitable is coming. This blog is about figuring out life after college and how to get there. Job applications, interviewing, learning to cook and even managing finances, this blog will cover the struggles and triumphs of moving on from undergraduate life into the so called “real world”.

But more importantly than figuring out life after graduation, I get another four months of figuring out college. Four months left to do everything I should have done in four years, we all know college students wait last minute to do everything. From Purdue traditions to stereotypical college bucket lists, I have just a short time to complete it all. I’m about to embark on a journey of figuring out life after 21 all while living up my lasts few months as a college student. Only time will tell what this journey will lead me to and, if you want, stick by my side by reading all about it.


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