Seeking, Interviewing, and Negotiating.

The thought of graduating from college is a scary one. For the first time ever our lives aren’t exactly planned out for us. There are no guidance counselors helping us like they did in high school with our college applications. There is no right or wrong path from here on out. It’s all up to the college graduate to determine their next step in life and for me that’s a pretty scary thought.

Some people have always known what they wanted to do, but for most of us our next big step is often debating between graduate school or the job market. I always like to think that the engineers have it easy, like a reward for working so hard throughout college. Engineers get the benefit here at Purdue with the Industrial Roundtable in the fall. Here they can find internships, job opportunities and even just get the experience of talking face to face with recruiters. But what about those college students who don’t want that cookie cutter job? Those students who know exactly what they want to do, but don’t get offered the same on campus resources to find that job they’re searching for? These future graduates are just like me.

I recently have been applying to countless jobs, you know the ones you won’t even hear back from. I’ve been interviewing too, but you know it takes months for them to decide from an hour long interview who they want to hire. But how does someone land their dream job or even just go about finding their dream job to apply too? Here at Purdue we have an amazing  Center for Career Opportunities  (CCO). The Purdue CCO can help with cover letters, resume reviews and even provide students with interview attire to borrow for upcoming interviews. Unfortunately these resources go underused. When exploring their site just the other day I came across an upcoming event that could be beneficial to us all, no matter the area of study.

On March 22, 2017 the CCO will be hosting an online web seminar exploring the topic of Landing the Job – Seeking, Interviewing and Negotiating. This hour long webinar from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm has two highly educated speakers who will be talking about ways for beginners to enter the job search all the way to securing a position. The two speakers, Ann McKenna and Katy Arenschield, have a strong background in engineering, but will speak on job tactics that can be used in any career field. They will preview areas including how to interview and negotiate jobs successfully, how to figure out when a job is right for you and how to become your own advocate through the whole job process. This webinar does come with a cost of $5 for student members of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), $25 for ASEE professional members and $50 for nonmembers. If you’re like me and not in engineering this can be a hefty price, but it’s worth it if you’re entering the job market with no knowledge about how it works. You can  register online for this webinar here.

Maybe this event isn’t right for you? Check out all the other upcoming events that the Purdue Center for Career Opportunities has to offer this spring semester.


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