A Boilermaker’s Bucket List

College itself can bring an individual so many new and exciting experiences, but being a student at Purdue allows for that and so much more.

Purdue is home to countless traditions and rituals. Starting off day one during freshman orientation they begin to throw the traditions at you saying “you have to do this before you graduate” and “that before you leave here.” But always I wonder how many students actually get the satisfaction of completing all the traditions at Purdue before their time in West Lafayette is over.

With a little over three months left of college I’ve begun to think about everything that I’ve accomplished and everything that I still wish to do here at Purdue. For starters I am a senior and still have yet to complete the timeless fountain run. For those of you who don’t know what that is, here at Purdue it’s tradition to run through each fountain on campus with your friends. This tradition is often the first task crossed off a Boilermaker’s bucket list because as a freshman orientation group it’s common to complete a fountain run all together.

As I began to try and compile my own senior bucket list I came across the perfect Purdue Bucket List of 72 things to do. This list is complete with everything a Purdue student can accomplish from freshman year till senior year. From sledding down Slayter Hill to dressing up for Breakfast Club on Saturday morning of game day, this bucket list is compiled of well known and not so well known Purdue traditions for students to accomplish.

 After printing out this bucket list to hang up in my room, I realized I could only cross off about 30 of the tasks myself. (Which was a little disappointing.) I want to experience all that Purdue has to offer so that one day when I look back at my time spent in college I can say I did it all. So here I am with three months left of college and about 42 Purdue related tasks to complete before I leave. 

Wish me luck and stay tuned to see if I actually can get all of the 72 tasks completed.

I highly recommend taking the time to stop and think about the things that you wish to accomplish before you graduate from Purdue University. Sure we all have our own personal college bucket lists to finish off before we graduate, but before you even get the chance to write your own college bucket list, Purdue writes one for you.


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