Embracing the Benefits.

Everyone has their opinions on Greek life in college. Whether someone has a good or bad opinion, it’s no secret that Greek life has so much to offer a student. Heading into college myself I knew nothing about Greek life. No one in my immediate family was involved with it and my only thoughts of it came from watching movies on TV. Being a thousand miles away from home and sorority recruitment being that first weekend of college, I didn’t make the decision to rush. After a year of watching my friends join houses, meet new people and gain leadership experiences I realized I not only wanted, but needed to be a part of it myself.

There are so many cool and interesting facts about Greek life in college and I’m here to let you know about some of them.

I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that 63% of the United States Cabinet has been Greek since the year 1900. Or that every United States President and Vice President, besides five, since 1825 have been a member of a fraternity. Greek life promotes leadership qualities through unique experiences and aims to improve an individual’s interpersonal skills. Not to mention that being a member of Greek life leads to amazing networking skills and numerous career opportunities.

Many people often focus on the social aspect of fraternities and sororities. However Greek life annually raises $7 million dollars for a variety of organizations and philanthropies. Greek chapters together log about 850,000 hours of volunteer work yearly as well. This is all due to the success of the 9 million college students who are members of Greek organizations.

In 2014 the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics completed a study which resulted in proving that 70% of the students who join Greek life in college graduate compared to the less than 50% of non-Greek college students who graduate.

We can even see the benefits of Greek life here at Purdue University. Purdue is home to one of the nation’s largest Greek communities since 1875 when the first Greek chapter was installed on campus. 20% of Purdue’s undergraduate students are involved in a fraternity or sorority with over 5,000 of those students holding memberships in different organizations.

There are many positive aspects to joining Greek life in college. For me personally I wouldn’t have changed my experience in my sorority for the world and I owe it for making my college experience better than I could have ever imagined.

And just as an added extra piece of information and shout out to my lovely ladies of Gamma Phi, the term sorority was created in 1874 with the founding of Gamma Phi Beta. Before that every sorority was referred to as a fraternity or “society”.


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