The Greatest Spectacle.

Purdue students long await that time of the year. That time each spring where they get to experience a week like no other. A week known as Grand Prix.

Purdue Grand Prix is known as the greatest spectacle in college racing. But how did that come to be? Nowadays Grand Prix is associated with a week of non stop partying, drinking and skipping class, but that’s not how it all started.

The first Grand Prix race was completed on May 17, 1958 which raced go karts made using lawnmower engines. As a way for Purdue engineering students to show what they have been learning in class, Grand Prix transformed into a tradition at Purdue unlike no other.

The Grand Prix organization centers its focus around their motto of “students helping students.” All the funds raised by the Grand Prix organization go to providing Purdue students with scholarships. The organization strives to raise about $10,000 each year. This is one of the only organizations on campus where the money raised by students go to helping other students.

The Grand Prix race itself consists of thirty-three drivers and teams that race to win the 160 lap course (50 miles). Currently the race can be seen at the “new” $1,000,000 track built back in 2009. This “new” track is located on McCormick Road and Cherry Lane.

This year the Purdue Grand Prix race is in it’s 60th running. You can catch the 60th running of the Purdue Grand Prix on Saturday April 22, 2017. Tickets go on sale in late March early April or can be purchased on the day of the race.

You can stay up to date on all things Grand Prix by following the organization on social media.

Twitter: @purduegrandprix


Instagram: purduegrandprix


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