Message of Inclusion.

Alpha Chi Omega National President Angela Costley Harris made the announcement on February 17, 2017 that Alpha Chi was reestablishing their inclusive position.

President Harris made the statement that Alpha Chi Omega, a historic female-only sorority, would now redefine what it means to be a woman by accepting anyone who identifies themselves as a woman and not just those assigned the female gender at birth.

This decision made by Alpha Chi’s National Council was determined by the changing gender norms in today’s society. As a nation we’ve become more accepting as to what genders individuals identify with and this sorority wanted to reflect that in their own views.

You can watch Angela Costley Harris’s statement here.

Although not a member of this sorority particularly, this announcement comes with great appreciation. Such a decision isn’t an easy one to make and the fact that Alpha Chi is the first sorority to redefine what it means to be a woman is incredible.

For so long sororities were limited to those who were assigned the female gender at birth, but with the changing times sororities need to change too. I am ultimately impressed with the grace and sincerity that Harris had when making the announcement.

I personally couldn’t agree more with her statement. Being apart of a sorority in college made my college experience everything that it was and allowing others the option of participating in one is everything. We all deserve the chance to experience all that Greek life has to offer and this is the first big step in inclusion.

A decision like this doesn’t always come back with the best feedback and I’m curious about what other’s have to think about it, including past and current members as well as the rest of the Greek community.

I can’t help but wonder if more sororities will follow in their footsteps? Or will other sororities stick to their historic roots and only allow members who were assigned the female gender at birth?


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