What Nobody Tells You.

After recently filling out the name I want written on my diploma and ordering my cap and gown, my mind began to wonder about  graduation more. Or should I say the “g word“.

I still can’t grasp the idea of what life is like after graduation. How do people just land their dream job, get up and move to a new city and create a new life for themselves? Sometimes these people don’t even face any obstacles in their way.

I guess for most of us, especially those of us who are average, we just have to wait to see what life will be like. It’s something that we can prepare for yet not know exactly what’s going to happen until we live through it. So I began to research some life advice about what other people thought we soon to be graduates should know about life after graduation.

I came across an article that listed 21 things that no one tells you about the real world after graduation. This article warns about the successes and failures of life after college, how to deal with all the paperwork that comes with being an adult and the changes we’ll experience with our relationships.

From the main points of the article it became clear to me that the real world isn’t better or worse than being in college. It’s just different. It’s a new chapter in our lives that we spend years preparing for, but won’t fully understand until we live through it ourselves.

The best part of your life doesn’t end the minute you get your diploma, it’s only the beginning of new chapter.


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