Where Purdue Students Go.

Where do Purdue students go after graduation? There are so many Purdue graduates each year and so many options on what to do and where to go after graduation. So where do they all go?

The Purdue Center for Career Opportunities, also known as the CCO around campus, sends out a survey each May for recent graduates to fill out. This survey consists of letting the school know what their post graduation plans are.

Whether continuing education, seeking employment or landing a job, this yearly survey breaks down the graduating class into their specific colleges and then into specific majors. The results of this First Destination Survey are quite interesting.

First the survey takes a look at starting salaries for the most recent graduated class. My immediate reaction was to look at my own college and major. The average starting salary for a Purdue Health and Kinesiology graduate in the class of 2015 was $35,155. The highest average starting salary was $81,000 which belonged to construction engineer graduates. The lowest average starting salary for Purdue graduates was $29,832 for the forestry, fisheries, natural resources, and wildlife majors.

The survey then takes a look at employment rates. Again this is broken down by college and major. This part of the survey records what the graduate’s plans are after graduating. For my major particularly I wasn’t shocked. 30 students reported having a job after graduation while a majority, 60 students, were continuing their education after Purdue. A small number were still seeking employment and seeking further education. The most employed group of students after graduation were the mechanical engineers, reporting that 198 of them had jobs. The lowest was 1 student reporting having a job after graduation in the development and family science major.

Although it takes some time for the results of this First Destination Survey to be released the information it brings is pretty interesting to look at. It makes me wonder if Purdue students knew about the results of this survey before starting their freshman year if some students would change their majors? However, I highly recommend following the links and taking a look at it yourself and seeing where your major falls.



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