That Time of the Semester.

It’s that time of the semester. Spring break. As college students, this is what we look forward too. The only break we truly have during spring semester. Our halfway point.

But for me it’s bittersweet. Halfway through my last semester of college. My last college spring break. From here on out I have about six weeks left of college. I’m torn between getting sentimental and not wanting to worry about my ‘lasts’. I mean it’s my last spring break, I should enjoy it while I can.

This break I’ll be heading down south to Florida. Driving seventeen-ish (I hope no more) miles in a car packed full of friends. I mean let’s be honest one of the best parts about spring break is being able to take a road trip with your friends. I’ll be spending a week relaxing from schoolwork and laying in the sun. And if I’m lucky I won’t come back with a burn.

But with spring break around the corner I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be taking a weeks vacation from blogging. So enjoy your vacation from me. But hopefully I’ll come back with fresh ideas and new concepts to let you guys know about.

You can expect to see some more posts about graduation as that day in my life gets closer and closer to reality. Expect to see some posts about job searching and the overwhelming emotional process of finding a job. And as always expect to see some more posts about the fun times I’ll be having living up the college days I have left before life after 21 really hits in.


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