But For Life.

Not four years, but for life. Every sorority says it, but does every sorority mean it?

Joining a sorority in college can open up a lot of doors. The opportunities are endless when it comes to socializing and always having something to do. But when going through recruitment sororities always push the fact that “it’s not four years, but its for life”. A lifelong commitment that’ll give you endless opportunities even after your time in college is done.

But as a soon to be college graduate and sorority member it’s becoming more real that maybe sorority life is really just only four years. Maybe the “lifelong” aspect of it is just a recruitment mechanism to gain new members.

Or does joining a sorority have added benefits after college?

“Most people join for these four years. It’s an easy way to make friends, find a home. I don’t think after college being in a sorority really matters,” says senior Caitlin Gieseking. “This is the hype of it now.”

Being in Greek during your college years can tell more about a person than they expect. Hiring professionals look at an individual’s activities in college to show their involvement.

“I’ve had employers reach out to me because I was it a Greek life. It shows I have characteristics and qualities that they were looking for; sociable, outgoing.”

“I’m not saying Greek life ends after college. I just think it brings benefits different than what we were use to while still in college.” Gieseking added.

So maybe the years after college aren’t the same as being in a sorority during college. The same benefits aren’t really there. But being in a sorority in college can say more about a person in their future careers.

But at this point in our lives only time can tell if it’s really four years or for life.



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