As the hype of spring break dies down, reality is setting in that graduation is around the corner.

See I am even admitting to using graduation as a word now.

Figuring out what to do after graduation is tough and entering the job market seems to be even worse. But I recently came across a job search app that I wanted to let you know about.

LinkedIn, everyone’s favorite professional social media site, created an app dedicated only to finding a job and is nicely called LinkedIn Jobs. This app can be downloaded on any smart phone and is free of charge.

One of my favorite features that this app offers is that you can set a custom job search to notify you when any new openings are available. You can set the job search for any specific location and seniority level. You can even specifically set the search to what type of industry you would want to work in.

If you’re on the job hunt I recommended downloading this app and trying it out. It’s easy to use and helpful when it comes to exploring different areas of the job market. You can even use to app to find internships if you’re looking for something for the summer.



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