Greek Life Crackdown.

In a recent article I came across, Penn State announced a Greek life crackdown after a freshman passed away in February of this year after falling off the roof of his fraternity during a party.

Damon Sims, the vice president for Student Affairs at Penn State, released a press release saying that Penn State is drawing a line when it comes to its Greek organizations. Important changes were going to be placed to improve the students’ lives who participate in Greek life.

Some of these new rules being implemented include differing fall 2017 recruitment for both sororities and fraternities until the spring of 2018. The university is going to begin to enforce the prohibition against underage possession and consumption of alcohol. Greek organizations are being limited to only 10 socials per semester and can’t hold any day-long events.

As a member of Greek life myself I can’t imagine what the students of Penn State are going through. On one hand it hard as a student to see the changes and have to change how life’s been going this far in their college careers. But on the other hand the university has to do what’s best for its students.

During my time here in college Purdue’s Greek life went through some similar changes. We faced changes in the student run safety organizations that are in charge of making sure all Greek organizations are following the rules and regulations of socials. At the time of changes like these it seems difficult, but as time goes on it becomes clear to see that the changes are placed in order to promote the safety of the students.

These new rules and regulations are going to take some time for the students to get use to, but overall the effect of them should have a positive impact on the university.


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