Stuck in the Search.

I recently came across an article looking in depth at the current issue that recent college graduates are becoming stuck with low wage jobs as the hiring market heats up.

It’s interesting to see that as of 2016 44% of the recent college graduate population became employed in jobs not requiring a college degree. As a soon to be college graduate this statistic is disheartening. We work hard for four years only to graduate and get a job that doesn’t use us to our full potential.

Even though the hourly minimum wage has began to increase over the years, those young adults, aged 25-45, in the prime working stage of their life are taking a back seat in the labor force. Job openings have doubled since 2010, but the problem hasn’t gone away.

So what are college graduates to do? How do we utilize our degrees and find a job that we actually want to do? Not to mention that almost every job wants years of experience. How do we gain experience if no one will hire us?

Finding a job after graduation is hard. The process is long and tiring, but hopefully things will eventually turn out to be okay. A starting job doesn’t have to be a forever job. Recent graduates just have to get their foot in the door somewhere.



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