Beginning of the End.

That point in the semester has arrived. We have two weeks left until finals week and four weeks until graduation. I have a month left of school and I have no idea how I am supposed to feel about it.

Everyone has always told me that there comes a point when you realize you’re ready to graduate. Even with this constant reminder that the feeling would come, I couldn’t help but always deny it. I’ve been living up the past four years and couldn’t even imagine the thought of wanting to move on from college hitting me.

But it did.

I wasn’t hit hard like they all said would happen, but was hit with a feeling that came over me gradually. I’m finally ready to move on from the constant in my life that college was and face the new beginning that I’m about to embark on.

I’ll always dread the thought of graduating. The idea of the real world doesn’t seem to top the idea and reality of what college was. But I’m ready for a new chapter of my life. As much as we all want it to, college can’t last forever.

The only advice I can give is to make the most of the four years you have because nothing will ever compare.



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