Tradition Worth Preserving.

When it comes to incoming college freshman I can’t help but give the advice to join Greek life. For a fact I know that my college experience wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t decide to rush my sophomore year. Greek life allowed me to make friends, grow as an individual, gain confidence, break out of my comfort zone, and much more. I became more involved on campus and wasn’t afraid to try new things. I made the most of my college experience these last four years and it’s all due to being a member of the Greek community on campus.

But many argue if Greek life is a tradition worth preserving.

I came across an article just the other day debating the facts for and against Greek life on college campuses. Two students, one currently affiliated with a Greek chapter and the other not, both gave their insight to the situation of the Greek life tradition being worth it or not.

The article gives a lot of facts on the Greek community in America. Annually 9 million college students are affiliated with a Greek house. But unfortunately there’s at least one Greek hazing related death each year. It’s not the tradition of fraternities or sororities that’s causing the negative effects to Greek life, it’s the way situations are being handled. I’m a firm believer that with the proper training and education the negative side effects of Greek life could be resolved.

However personally for me I can see both sides of the story. I spent a year of college not being apart of Greek life. Although I had fun and wouldn’t change anything about my freshman year I was limited with who I knew and what I did. My only regret from college would have been to rush sooner. Being apart of Greek life changed me for the better despite all the criticism that Greek organizations get. I will always recommend rushing Greek life, but if it’s not for you then make the most out of your college experience.



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  1. Jesse Ledger says:

    I relate to this post exactly because I didn’t join a sorority until my sophomore year as well and it was the best decision I have ever made. I just wish I would have joined sooner.


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