Rite of Passage.

Nearing the end of the semester around the country sorority girls are facing the inevitable of their senior rite of passage.

This is a time where our collegiate sorority days end and we face the reality that we are now alumni of our chapters. The years of undergraduate fun, philanthropy, and mandatory chapter meetings have ended. But this rite of passage is only the beginning.

There are many ways that women who have graduated can still participate in their sorority. They can give back through multiple volunteering services such as becoming chapter advisers,  becoming sorority housing mothers, serving on sorority housing corporation boards, or just by reaching out to their national headquarters and exploring the ways in which they can give back.

Sorority life isn’t just for four years, but for life. Just because our collegiate days have come to an end our days of giving back to the organizations that made our college experience what is was is only beginning. I recommend, to all those sorority women gaining their alum status this year, to reach out to their national headquarters and find a way to volunteer.


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