Final Countdown. 

Well this is it. The final countdown of my college days. They always said it would fly by, but I never really wanted to believe them. 

These past four years have been the fastest and greatest four years of my life. 

I still question everyday how I managed to make the best decision of my life at 17 to attend Purdue. Purdue has given me more than I could have ever asked for. I’ve concurred fears, tackled bucket list items and got to live out some of my dreams all while getting an education that’ll take me through life.

Graduation is in less than two weeks. Although it won’t hit me til August, when my friends are all moving back from summer, that my time here is actually done, I’m ready to enter the real world Purdue has prepared me for.

Thanks for following my journey all semester long as I tried to figure out life after 21.  


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